I may need to stop reading the news during my lunch break. As I am writing this, my belly is full from my little leftovers and my heart is heavy with questions and sadness. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about To Write Love on Her Arms a well-recognized non-profit organization whose mission is to help those suffering from depression, self-injury, addictions, and other issues.  As a read further on the site, I realized how many people were ending their young lives due to cyber bullying. I am not trying to spread gloom and doom, but with the world-changing around us so quickly, it is so important to learn how to protect our future generations.

What really alarmed me this time was the amount of young kids, the CNN article was writing about an eleven year old bullying victim who killed himself. Or not so far in recent history the teenage girl who ended her young life, because she was being cyber-bullied on MySpace or the college student who was publicly humiliated on YouTube. Sadly, my list could go on and on. I think most of can remember a time in our lives when we had to deal (or try not to) with a person(s) who well hated us for absolutely no reason. Of course there are some scars, but we get over it.

Bullying is as old as time issue, unhappy people will make sure everyone else around them is unhappy. It truly is a new world out there for kids to have to grow up in. Most of us in our late 20s (not me of course) on up never had to deal with humiliation on some online media social outlet or have some type of rumor or telltale video go viral in a matter of minutes for the world to see. Parents like , Kirk Smalley (the 11-year-old who killed himself after being bullied) are stepping out and spreading awareness on this issue.  Articles in general, talk about parents being more actively involved in what they are doing online (they don’t have to be the bullying victim, I might add as well). Adults without children get involved in programs that support the growth of children into healthy adults, such as Big Brother/Big Sister Programs. Whether we like it or not, we are not an island, our lives are inexplicably connected in so many ways.

Take some time out and make a difference.