Today I ended this balmy summer…oh no wait, balmy first day of fall evening, reflecting on the interactions of the day.   Why is it some people who do wrong all the time have it so easy, while others who are seeking God and to do what is right continuously find themselves with the doors shutting on them, supposedly. Our lives are definitely written in chapters, not in entire books. Much of the rest of this blog is not going to be of my writing. The irony of this whole reflection was that I received my answer in a message this evening from a Ms. Stone on Facebook about a entirely seperate conversation about something else.  The rest of this blog will be shamelessly italicized and quoted, not being lazy, but everything was put so perfectly, I can not help but share. If you are seeking searching and trying to find a purpose and meaning to what is happening, please take this as encouragement!

 A person is ” lead somewhere or into something by Him and then unexpectantly pulled out/away. I’ve learned that with our Christ, oftentimes what makes no initial sense will eventually show to have been a mere test on our part…to see if we were willing to let go of something we really wanted and trust His leading.” ” I do know that if you’d prayed about joining the trip (insert your own circumstance), and He had said yes, and then re-routed your heart afterwards, then you can rest on your obedience and trust Him with all else. He is not a God of confusion; *yet* He will indeed lead us in and out of circumstances in ways that are baffling…total difference. Reminds me of Him calling Abraham out of Ur, or Christ telling His disciples to go into a town and ask for provision when He knew that the town would reject His men! He always has His purposes……if you’d been praying all along about going (and then you felt led to stay) then I believe there is no “missing of His will” on your part; it’s merely Him leading you in a way that you’re not yet able to understand the reasons.”

He is ever-faithful; and promises us that when we trust Him, seek Him, and obey Him, that none, *none* of our steps will slide. Yes, we always have free will, and can choose to ignore His leading. But as His Spirit-filled and Spirit-led children, why would we do that?? We love Him, and want to be with Him and not against Him…It’s so amazing that we can trust Christ in us to guide us in His preordained steps! I love it. Just love it. It also comforts me that we “have the mind of Christ,” and can trust His faithfulness to move everything into place as it’s needed for us to walk in His purposes for our individual lives. I’ve also been told (*very* often, lol), that it’s good how He only shows us a bit at a time what He has planned; that way we’re continually drawing closer to Him for guidance, comfort, answers, love, and assurance…”Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105). I remember too a mentor once saying that the lamp only allows you to see 2-3feet in front of you…and that was God telling us we only need to see the next few steps.”-J.Stone (2010)