Tonight’s mental floss award goes to my roommate Stephanie.  Congrats. The late Sunday evening was capped off  with us watching the new  HBO series “Boardwalk Empire” starring the ever endearing Steve Buscemi (Armageddon, The Big Lebowski) and I am assuming a relative newcomer Michael Pitt (who may I add looks like Jack (Leo DiCaprio) of Titanic in certain camera angles). The plot line is about the prohibition era and how men compromise their integrity for the love of money and power.

During this time of “dryness” for the lack of better words, developed men who were willing to run the liquid gold to help supplement income or have income (particularly up the Appalachin area where unemployment was rampant. Some reports have some drivers making up to $200.00 a run. The money was good for those who knew how to drive stealthily and outrun the police and the other Federal agents. By day the competition grew between the bootleggers to see who could drive and modify their vehicles to become the fastest. The competition, particulalrly in the Southern US, began to grow as people heard about these competitions. Of course during the thick of night they were delivering these same people their liquors. The competitions birthed into legitimate competitions and eventually into the billion dollar event viewed by milliions every year.

I am not a NASCAR fan, but it is really interesting to see how a (is it a sport?) sport with millions of supporter and in the irony of it all massive beer sponorship, has its roots in early Americana.  So, Jimmy and Dale, Jr. if you had been born in the early turn of the 20th century, I am assuming you would have been running some liquid lighting along the narrow roads of the Appalachin mountains. Interesting thought, so there is a little mental floss for the evening.