I had been on a blogging fury for awhile there and then suddenly life just started getting in the way again for a minute. I am sorry Vox, I have not forgotten you and you are missed quite terribly.  Today, I came to the deep realization (felt it before) that there are no coincidences in life. I had been putting off getting my tag on my vehicle renewed for the year. So, woefully I climbed into my car that morning grumbling over the fact that I had if I lived in Savannah (population of 2) I would not have to worry about paying for an emissions inspection. I have a passed the Tag Office no more than a 100 times since I have lived in Alpharetta and for some reason instead of cutting down NP Parkway from Windward I went down 400 to Old Milton in which I sat in traffic for forever and then turned down the wrong end of NP Parkway back to my house. Long story short, what should have been a 15 minute trip turned out to be a 35 minute trip. I was not happy, but as soon as I pulled up a salt and peppered haired man with battery cables came up to me asking me to help jump his silver PT Cruiser off. The car was quite new, but he said the battery cables were bad. I pulled my car around so that he could hopefully get back on the road. Salt and pepper haired man's wife was sitting in the bak seat looking weary  (it was not even 9:00am yet) and a young Hispanic male was helping him look at his car (BTW the just because I have black hair and I am short does not mean I am a Latina came into play here). I asked him a question and the first thing out of his mouth was "Como" (what)? He later on spoke to salt and pepper hair man in more perfect English than I can ever delve out of my southern roots.


After a few jimmying and cranks the Cruiser finally started. I told him I am glad it worked out and to have a good day! Mr. PT Cruiser said quitely under his breath "no you have a good day". Funny how things work, if I hadn't been such a dork, I would have paid my penance..excuse my car tag tax, would have been on my merry way, and would have never helped this man. This is why I don't believe in coincidences. I was appointed for just a fleeting moment in time to be a part of his life and to demonstrate a small act of God's love in a car charging kind of way. 🙂 So, really if you think something is just a coincidence..look a little closer and you might be quite amazed.

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