"Helllooooooooooo Kristin!", chirped Eric happily on my voicemail. "Guess what? Bob didn't get a truck over the 4th of July weekend and I will be helping him move this weekend instead. Call me and hope to catch up with this weekend!". I thought yay, old Savannah friend visiting and I get to meet a fellow Savannah refugee as well! With that, I cleared my calendar for Saturday and called back to set up a time to meet Eric and Bob. I was looking forward to catching up with Eric, but more interested in picking Bob's brain (his old neighbor) on his reasons on moving from Savannah to Atlanta.


Normally when people ask me where I moved from and I say Savannah, the response I receive back is, "Oh, I love Savannah" or "Why would you leave Savannah?" The body reactions that correlate with those statements also has this vacant look of disbelief in their eyes.You know  the look where you just can't believe what you are hearing so you lean closer and your eyes squint together as you are proccesing the information that is being presented. If it is not the look of disbelief, it is the wistful reminiscent look of  remembering a weekend adventure with friends exploring the old town squares lined with majestic old oaks dripping with Spanish moss (or too long of a night on Riverstreet). I do have to admit, one of my favorite times of the year is in October, when the air is starting to finally get that slight touch of crispness in the air. The world comes alive again with festivals, activities, and people just out enjoying the fact they will not melt upon opening up their front door.I can feel thebright sun gently beating down on me in the late afternoon, my sneaker ladden feet beating briskly on the cobblestone pavement on a nice long run past antebellum homes of a bygone era. Yes, that is something that can not be matched elsewere.


Yes, I have a strong appreciation for the art, architecture, and the cultural oddities that simply can not be found outside of the Savannah. However, when asked if I will ever move back there..err…no.  I start to shiver like someone had just tossed a big Mickey D's sweet tea on my back as a mean joke. It was funny as I met Bob at his new apartment in Decatur. The look on his face was of total peace and his eyes were soft with a gentle twinkle. He was in a new world, new adventure, new possibilities. Seriously, if I was a white male nearing 40  and had  curly brown hair, you could have sworn that was me..that was my look of bliss.  Eric, Bob, and I ran around that day all over Atlanta, with me playing tour guide. It was quite empowering to be able to point out different places to go and what was fun.  We capped off the day with a first for all, The Vortex.

I would like to pause for a moment to give a few thank yous out. Thank you to The  Vortex for the awesome Black and Blue burger and its ice cream scooped sized dollop of  blue cheese on the burger.  It was enough cheese to spread over a few meals and then some.  Oh and thank you to the 4 foot and a couple of pieces of change Asian dude (with a half shaved head) at the new bakery across the road from The Vortex. Dude was fluttering around in his apron that puddled on the floor (literally) like he was enjoying something other than sweets in between customers (if you catch my drift). I still smile as he came around the counter to look at the chocolate mousse cupcake I was interested in in the glass case. Dude stared at the cupcake  and smiled the biggest of smiles and said yah (softly and with California cool kind of drawl) when I said I would take the chocolately confection. My purchase of the cupcake rocked his world or at least whatever he had been puffing on did.  

By human nature we are always looking for something else. It doesn't have to be a bad thing. We live in places for a time and a reason. But, there comes a time when we must move on and grow as human beings and just experience life. To me we would be truly denying ourselves the beauty of life if we don't jump out and see what is out there.  As Martha Stewart says, "It is a good thing.". 


So, will I move back to Savannah? I highly more than likely will not ever do so (only if there is a God forbid emergency or a super fantastic rich man that is looking for a true Southern belle (I can change,right? :) Do I appreciate the time I spent there? Of course. Is there a bigger world outside of Savannah? Resoundly yes.


Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go find a towel and dry off.


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