I am hoping and praying Staples will be able to fix out the kinks in their EASY buttons. Because, once they do I am going to HQ myself and suggest that they start working on a DELETE button. I don't think people realize that if you delete someone off your Facebook page all your issues and problems will all just magically disappear! Isn't that just the most awesomest idea! I should happen to know, it has happened to me twice (well it is more like three times..two people, one did a double delete). I've been sleeping easy so it, MUST work.


I joke about it, but truly it is sad. Technology is a blessing and a curse. FB allows you to keep in touch with friends across the miles and smile when you see that a childhood friend is doing well and be a loving parent to their children. But, I have noticed it will bring out the worst in people too. Both times, I spoke what I had to say (I have peace about it)  was the truth and was meant to help the person, not harm. With both persons, I received either random texts or messages, or a 'shout out' in on their statuses. The assault of course did not achieve theri purpose so I was given  the big boot off their ,do I dare say, 'friend list' with out laughing too hard. I do take into account, if this had happened in the 1980s or some other time without social media, I would have probably had my hair pulled or my name scribbled with a deraugatory word next to it on the bathroom stall. But…


The point I think I am trying to make is , social media has acted as an enabler in making people lazy to a point (some more extreme, of course) about having to maintain a real friendship or face problems when they are in your face. If either of the above two had just said to me "Kristin, what you said well it bothered me and well it kind of hurt me, Can we talk?". I would have said "Yes. Meet over coffee (or your beverage of choice)?" and we would have talked. Whether or not our opinions or the facts would have changed by the end of the evening..that is fine. Hopefully at least, a feeling of mutual respect would have been at least achieved by then. The person(s) would have at least known I am in their corner, even if it is not what they want to hear. Just know that I took the time to care. 


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